10 Nutritious Child-Approved Snacks
10 Nutritious Child-Approved Snacks

10 Nutritious Child-Approved Snacks


I know, it can be very difficult to get your kids to eat healthy snacks. Heck, it can be difficult to get your children to eat healthy “anything” sometimes. Your kids have unhealthy food staring them in their faces everywhere they go, even at school. If they walk home, they may have to go right past convenience stores and fast-food joints that sell anything but healthy foods.


There are so many reasons why it’s tough to get your children on board the healthy snack train. Fortunately, there are plenty of snacks your kids are anxious to eat which happen to be very healthy.


Try the following child-approved and field-tested healthy snacks if you want your kids to avoid the health risks associated with eating sugar-filled, highly processed and dangerously unhealthy alternatives.


  • Fruit and Watermelon Popsicles


Dice watermelon into chunks. You can do the same with other healthy fruits your child loves as well. Mix them in a blender or food processor and pour the delicious and nutritious result into popsicle molds and freeze for five to eight hours.


Place a popsicle stick into each mold after the mixture begins to solidify. This is an extremely healthy snack you won’t find too many kids turning down, especially on a hot day. (You can buy popsicle molds online at websites like Amazon if you can’t find them locally.)


  • Guacamole or Hummus and Veggie Slices


This is one of our go-to snacks for my girls. When they walk in from playing outside or come home from school ravenous and searching our pantry, I like to have this already prepared because they will eat veggies without hesitation when they are ‘starving’.


I take peeled and sliced carrots, cucumbers, celery, and sweet bell peppers and arrange them on a plate. I make home-made guacamole by combining our favorite organic salsa with avocado, organic lemon juice and sea salt. My girls LOVE it! On occasion they will spice things up by dipping the vegetables in organic hummus instead of the guacamole.


  • Popped Sorghum or Sprouted Popcorn


I’m not talking about movie popcorn or microwaved bagged popcorn. You can purchase organic sorghum and sprouted organic (non-GMO) popcorn that is rather nutritious. However, try to skip drowning it with butter, salt, parmesan cheese and other less than healthy ingredients.

If your child needs a blast of flavor, use organic, cold-pressed coconut oil or avocado oil and just a dash of Himalayan pink salt and/or nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor.


  • Cauliflower Crust Mini Pizzas


Pizza doesn’t have to be bad for your kids. One of the main reasons most pizza restaurants and store-bought pizzas are unhealthy is due to the crust. They use simple-carb white flour as its base, and then a dozen or more unhealthy additives and preservatives are included.


Make your own healthy mini pizzas instead. Some of my kiddos favorite toppings are chopped colored bell peppers, sautéed onions and mushrooms, sheep cheese, 100% beef pepperoni slices, and anything else nutritious that I can talk them into.

You can purchase cauliflower pizza crusts at your favorite grocery store, and there are plenty of cauliflower pizza crust recipes online. This allows you to make mini pizzas as healthy as you would like them, and what kid do you know doesn’t love pizza?


  • Ants on a Log


Sometimes getting your kids to eat healthy snacks means being a little creative. Celery stalks with almond butter or sun butter and raisins might sound less than enticing to your kids. When you advertise this healthy snack as “ants on a log”, they become interested.


Cut a single stalk of celery into three or four pieces and spread organic almond butter or sun butter in the trough. Place a few raisins on this “log” and you get a good balance of healthy protein, good fats, and healthy carbohydrates.




10 Nutritious Child-Approved Snacks holistic doctor mama



  • A Handful of Raw Nuts/Or Trail Mix


Nuts are full of protein, plus they’re chock full of dietary fiber that makes your kids feel full for a long period of time. In addition, they deliver antioxidants and healthy essential fats.


Make sure not to purchase nuts that have been dipped in sugar or syrup and loaded with salt. You can add a handful of raisins or unsweetened dried mango. Mix in unsweetened coconut flakes, organic unsweetened apricots, or carob chips.


Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips are healthy, as are unsweetened dried organic apple chips and banana chips. The list of healthy ingredients that turn simple nuts into a healthy trail mix goes on and on. Make a bag and toss them in the fridge and freezer for an easy grab-n-go snack!


  • Chia Seed Pudding


Yes, pudding can be good for you! Chia seeds are all the rage these days, and for good reason. These little guys pack a whole lot of protein, contain high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, and several essential minerals and antioxidants.

Here’s what you do: take one cup of either your favorite plant-based milk or use full-fat coconut milk (organic) from a can. If using full-fat coconut milk, note that you only need to use a couple tablespoons and dilute it in water. Then mix in two tablespoons chia seeds. You can also mix in fresh fruit like berries or banana. Some people also like to use a few stevia drops to sweeten it, depending on taste. Put in the fridge overnight and voila! You are all set for the next day with a tasty, healthy snack for your kiddos. 


  • Smoothies


Sometimes we busy parents need things easy. I can’t think of a snack that’s much easier than putting a bunch of nutritious foods into a blender and you’re good to go.


Smoothies are so versatile, and kids just love them! It’s kind-of like a healthy version of a classic milkshake, right? These are especially great on a hot day in summertime, to cool your children down.


Put the dairy-free milk of your choice in a blender and toss in some frozen mixed berries, half a banana, a handful of spinach, plus an avocado. In an instant you have a delicious, wholesome snack that was easy to make when your kids need it ‘NOW.’


  • Lettuce Wraps


When your kids need a snack that’s a little more substantial, lettuce wraps with a protein of your choice can do the trick. Romaine leaves or butter lettuce works well as the base. You can then fill the lettuce boat with cooked and seasoned ground turkey, beef, or chicken. I like to make a big batch early in the week so it’s on hand in the fridge when I need it. You could add some sheep’s cheese, sauerkraut, salsa, or guacamole and even Dijon mustard as well to jazz it up. Kids often enjoy eating lettuce wraps because it’s just so fun to eat with your hands!


  • Three-Ingredient Granola


A lot of the supposed ‘health cereals’ and granolas on the market are loaded with sugar and other addictive sweeteners and are overly sweet. You can make your own granola that has only three ingredients and it’s still child-approved! You can store it and use as a quick snack with plant-based yogurt or nut milk, or even just on its own.


Take three cups rolled oats, one-quarter cup melted coconut oil, and one-third cup maple syrup. I also like to add some cinnamon in there. Mix it all together (get the kids involved in making it!), and then bake at 300 degrees F for 25-30 minutes, stirring from time to time. Easy and no fuss!


I’m sure I’ve missed some great ideas, so please share your favorites in the comments below! If you want to learn more on what to ABSOLUTELY not feed your kids, check out my free guide here on 15 Foods to Never Feed Your Kids. You and your whole family will benefit from the information!


Wishing you well,


Dr. Jessica



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Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

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