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Holistic Doctor Mama on a Mission

You’ve arrived! This is a place of Learning, Loving your Body, Empowering your Mind, and Nourishing your Spirit.

I’m Dr. Jessica Payne, Medical Intuitive, Doctor of Natural Medicine, and your go-to guide for living your life naturally.

And this is my husband, Dr. Jeremy. He is our family’s foundation, my best friend, and my “technical wizard” for this blog.  

Who I Am

  • A Mama on a mission
  • A Truth seeker
  • Constantly Learning and teaching that showing emotion is not weakness
  • On a quest to be a global influencer and make an impact for generations to come
  • A Teacher. I teach mamas they have an inner voice guiding and directing them always and they can tune out all the noise and find the stillness that leads to all happiness
  • A maker, sharer, and donor of money.  What I made in the first half of my life will be shared and donated for my entire second half of life. After all we came in with nothing and will go out with nothing
  • A Hippy at  heart- barefoot walking, no bra wearing, tree hugging (yes! I do!), no make-up kind of mama—-keeping it real
  • An explorer of nature
  • A human lie detector
  • Obsessed about health and well-being
  • A yearner.  I want to let mamas know they don’t have to know it all, that they just have to want to be better the next day
  • Constantly working to not judge my self for flaws
  • Striving for compassion and love towards myself and enjoying the path of  self discovery
  • Always eager to learn more and more about my strengths and weaknesses!!!

I’m Here to Empower YOU to Lead Your Family to Better Health and Wellness, by…

  • Bringing awareness to a power within each of us that is greater than ourselves.
  • Empowering and assisting you in gaining autonomy to find natural solutions that work for YOU to create a vibrant, healthy, and happy life.
  • Acting as a reservoir of information and inspiration, as you learn to trust in your intuitive sense and honor your innate intelligence.

Let’s work together and share some much-needed nourishment—for your body, mind, and spirit.

An Inspired (and humbled) Beginning

More than a decade ago, I had no idea I’d be bed-ridden with meningitis. Nor did I realize this seemingly unfortunate circumstance would lead me on an inspired quest to help others live their lives naturally.

I believe our power is the divine source that gives us life, our breath, and our vitality. When we are congruent with this divine source, our bodies have the ability, not only to heal, but to thrive.

Each of us has this power. My mission through this blog and my practice, is to help you tap into yours.

Finding True Passion and Purpose

My life-threatening bout with meningitis and the crippling after-effects led me to study chiropractic medicine, nutrition, energy medicine, and natural healing.

With a foundation and passion for healing in place, my husband and I founded and operated the HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Wellness Clinic in Carmel, Indiana. There we had the opportunity to attract and assist patients seeking natural alternatives for their health care needs.

We have since sold the practice and have been blessed with two little girls and new opportunities,

Now, as a doctor and mother—I am committed to taking my passion for intuitive healing, nutrition, personal growth, parenting, and self-care to the masses.

More About Your Tools

A balance of body and mind, weight loss, detoxification, whole food nutrition, juicing, recipes, Juice Plus+, CBD Oil (Recept),  energetic medicine, the importance of nature, personal growth strategies for strong mama’s; all are avenues of accessing our unlimited potential for vitality.

All, as well, are topics on this blog!

When you follow me weekly on my blog, you will find practical ways to change old habits; discover cutting-edge doctor/parent-recommended tips on holistic healthcare, top quality essential oils and nutritional supplements; delicious and healthful recipes, and tips to help you and your family make healthy choices that stick—both inside and outside the womb.

Our Journey Together

Becoming aware of the importance of what we eat and how we treat our bodies and minds is the foundation of getting and staying healthy.

As we cultivate that awareness, we will nourish our spirits by honoring what it is we truly wish to be, to do, and to have.

I am thrilled to have you with me on this journey to living your life naturally—as a clinician, a truth-seeker, and as a mama!

Thanks, and we’ll talk again soon.

-Doctor Jessica

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