Certificate Of Analysis

Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil 

Raw Materials Tests

Cannabidiol (CBD)
Test Performed Result Specification* Method
Identity Conforms Conforms Convergence Chromatography(CC)
Final Product Tests
Final Product Tests Result Specification Method
Aerobic Plate Count Conforms < 100 cfu/mL USP2021
Coliforms Conforms < 100 cfu/mL Bam C4 sec C-F
E. Coli Conforms Absent USP2022
Staph aureus Conforms Absent USP2022
Yeast Conforms < 100 cfu/mL USP2021
Mold Conforms < 100 cfu/mL USP2021
Salmonella Conforms Absent USP2022
Pseudo. aeruginosa Conforms Absent mUSP62
Arsenic Conforms < 0.25ppm ICPMS
Cadmium Conforms < 0.1ppm ICPMS
Lead Conforms < 0.025ppm ICPMS
Mercury Conforms < 0.05ppm ICPMS
Chromium Conforms < 0.2ppm ICPMS
THC < 0.01% < 0.01% LC-UV
Phytocannbinoid Diols 8.14 mg/ml ≥ 8 mg/ml LC-UV
Liposome size* 31nm 10nm – 100nm DLS

Nd = no detection     |     *specification effective: 12/23/2016

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