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Lets take this Journey to reclaim our families health together.

Strong Mama Channel

The Strong Mama channel helps you sharpen your healing intuition and skills with a new tip, tool, or resource on overcoming common childhood ailments, self-care, nutrition, recipes, emotional well-being, intuitive healing, and mindfulness.


Get down-to-earth, doctor-mama advice on tackling childhood illnesses, meal planning, stress, women’s health issues, nutrition and weight-loss, and more, through nutrition, lifestyle, natural remedies, and energetic medicine.

I was experiencing difficulty breathing and frequent brain fogs. Additionally, rheumatoid arthritis was contributing to increasing joint pain. I was also gaining weight despite reducing my caloric intake…Now, after implementing your recommendations, I rarely become winded. My brain works again… Read More.

Ann W.

Allergies, Insomnia, Allergies, ADD…

My family and I have been working with Dr. Jessica for 7 years.  I sought her assistance for several reasons.  Once I had heard about her wonderful reputation as a doctor and how she focused on healing/treating the body not just a symptom… Read More

Brenda H.

Aniexty, Emotional Challenges…

In May 2018 I sought out Jessica’s help to sort through a medical condition that has been unresolved for some time.  I had a lot of anxiety around my issue, constantly trying to treat it on my own with supplements, diet and online research and I felt like I was grasping at straws, couldn’t focus Read More…

Kerri P.

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