I have been blessed with the opportunity to help and work with so many families over the years, here are just a few of those people who took charge in their lives and made a change!

Improved Energy…

I had stopped taking my prenatal vitamins about 6 months prior to meeting Dr. Jessica Payne and felt like my body was missing/needing something…After starting her program I noticed I did not need my usual afternoon cup of tea to get through the rest of the day. I have seen an improvement in my energy and motivation.



I was recommended to take Juice Plus by Dr. Jessica during my second pregnancy. I really didn’t like the Prenatal vitamins I was taking. I liked that the ingredients in Juice Plus+ all come from natural sources. I also appreciate that I can get complementary chew-able Juice Plus+ for my first born. I’ve had nothing but a great experience taking JP+, my recovery from my 2nd pregnancy has much easier than my first!

Kim C.

Anxiety, Emotional Challenges…

In May 2018 I sought out Jessica’s help to sort through a medical condition that has been unresolved for some time.

I had a lot on anxiety around my issue, constantly trying to treat it on my own with supplements, diet and online research and I felt like I was grasping at straws, couldn’t focus and nothing worked.  I needed help un-peeling the onion of all my medical and physical issues.

I have never met anyone with such sincere empathy and concern for others.  Jessica cares about helping me heal equally as much as I care. She has had many helpful suggestions I wouldn’t have thought to explore on my own that have made a big difference.  I truly feel like she is my health partner.

I am still on my health journey and get healthier physically and mentally with every day that passes thanks to Jessica.  She helped me understand the connection between physical heath and emotional health.  One of my most valuable take-aways is how better connected I am with my own sense of self, which also has a calming effect.  I had lost my connection to my gut feelings or inner knowing for years.  Although I am a work in progress, I pay very close attention to how I emotionally feel as I walk through the world and make decisions now.  A little less thinking and a little more feeling is a very powerful tool.  Our inner compass or however you refer to it is a divine gift that I won’t ever take for granted.

Every time I see or talk to Jessica for a consultation, I feel calmer, lighter and have a plan for moving forward.  She has taught me about working with energy, and I have to say it has made a significant impact in my relationships at home as well as at work.

Jessica also made a profound impact on my son who was dealing with some emotional issues, you could see him completely relax and let go of events that were holding him back.

In closing, Jessica is a gift to all who are lucky enough to work with her.  For me, I see her as an incredibly empathetic and thoughtful human being, practitioner and life coach.  If you need help starting a new physical or spiritual path, you couldn’t choose a better individual.

Kerri P.

Allergies, Insomnia, Allergies, ADD…

My family and I have been working with Dr. Jessica for 7 years.  I sought her assistance for several reasons.  One I had heard about her wonderful reputation as a doctor and how she focused on healing/treating the body not just a symptom.  Also, she would analyze my needs as well as my family’s needs, she would educate and assist us with nutritional advice. Since our bodies are different we all need different nutrients. For instance, one of my son’s cannot have soy lecithin; the other has gluten sensitivities. I had recommendations from several friends to see her, even though she was long distance away (30+ miles/ 45+ minute commute each way).

Myself I had allergies, unable to sleep well, it was difficult for me to exercise – some days even to walk. I was a runner at one time and then due to an accident I was facing several challenges with my back alignment or more appropriately mis-alignment. I also had terrible migraines.  For my family – my children had allergies, one had back issues that needed many careful adjustments, the other had trouble concentrating in school  – ADD; Not to mention the constant battle of making sure we all get the right nutrition and eating the right foods with both my husband and I working full time.

My experience has been Simply Amazing!!

No more migraines, allergies are minimal at the most; no medications, sleep better at night. I can work out again and enjoy physical activities with my children that we like to do such as various sports, boating, kayaking, skiing etc.

We all feel more confident about the nutritional choices that not only I make, but that my children make, as Dr Jess would speak with them and educate them as well.  To this day they will still remind me about things she taught them.

Thanks Dr Jess for all you have done and continue to do!

Brenda H.

Stressed, Overwhelmed, Digestion…

I have been working with Dr Jessica since January/February 2018.  I sought her help because she is an incredible listener, very knowledgeable, and kind.  I felt safe and could feel her genuine desire to help me figure out what was going on with my body & my emotional well-being. Oh boy, so much! Physically, my body was shutting down.  Emotionally, I was feeling very overwhelmed, over committed, stressed, and very low energy. I knew what I needed to do, but I just couldn’t get moving in that direction.  After working with Dr Jessica, my energy levels increased, my thoughts became more clear, & my digestion improved. There was better understanding of past emotional challenges that contributed to current physical ailments.  I really, really appreciated the wisdom and care that went in to my treatment sessions. She is always so spot on! I also took my son in to see her for his alopecia issues.  We have seen improvement with hair regrowth. I do love how Dr. Jessica really listens to each body and only does what the body can handle. My experience has been absolutely incredible!  She far exceeds what I thought I was going to get.  I trust her implicitly. She is a wealth of knowledge and so in tune with each individual.  I have learned a great deal from her and am truly grateful for the help and care given to me and my son.  We are currently taking Juice Plus+ and I don’t feel malnourished, or drained and my sons bald spots are going away!

Shera Lynn M.

Taking Family’s Health Back…

I am so thankful for all Dr. Jessica has done for our family.  When my son was young, he was sick all the time, and our regular pediatrician had no insight for us.  Dr. Jessica was able to identify that he was sensitive to several foods and taught us how to start being aware of all the other things that could be burdening his body.  She helped open our eyes to things in our environment that cause stress on the body, and this has helped us be proactive about our health instead of being reactive – in other words, how to help maintain good health instead of having to head to the doctor all the time because someone is sick. She knows that imbalances and illness in the body can stem from both physical AND emotional reasons, and she can therefore help to identify the root cause so you can heal faster.  She is kind and compassionate, and I am so grateful for her knowledge and how she has helped our family!

Angie V.

No Help Anywhere Else…

My husband asked me to see Dr. Jessica over 8 years ago when no other doctor’s seem to be able to help me. My husband was researching Drs. with a different edge or way of looking at health. I was ready to give up, but he convinced me to give 1 more person a try. During our first visit, I was asked questions that no other Dr. or Health Care professional had ever asked me. And they were all relevant to understand a person’s whole health, but I had never thought of it like that before. We were both so impressed (and still are) that we have stayed with her through her moves and family changes.

Dr. Jessica has helped both my husband and two children understand our own bodies and realize the importance of listening and observing the effects that the environment, our daily choices, food, the people we are around, and how even our own interactions with each other affect our everyday health. Once we started gaining that knowledge, she has since provided many other additional strategies for empowering us to take control of our own mental, physical, spiritual and whole body wellness. She has many tools up her sleeves that help guide us in the direction we need to go. She isn’t the kind of Dr. that you need to have regular check ups with. Instead, she empowers you to do your own check ins with yourself and see when you need some additional support. That freedom has not only helped my husband and I, but our children have also learned that the need to take responsibility of their own bodies, and that when they need support how to ask for it.

Our experience with her has changed our lives physically, mentally, spiritually, and together as a family unit for the better. She is really a treasure. We are very gratefully for finding such a gem in this world.

Crystal B.

Getting Rid of Antibiotics…

This made me emotional writing this and reliving all the feelings I have had through the years. Forever grateful for you, my friend!!
Much love to you always!!️
❤My family was blessed to find Dr. Jessica when my oldest son was 18 months old. We had been through lots of health issues resulting in multiple rounds of antibiotics and I just could not figure out why he was so sick all the time. It was very concerning for a new mom. Dr. Jessica eased my fears and helped get to the root cause of his issues. She found his breathing, digestion, and constant ear infections were from a pretty severe allergy to dairy. He was also overloaded with heavy metals that his body was just not able to rid of. Dr. Jessica has helped us stay well for years while they lived here locally and even now remotely. She referred us to her NAET practitioner and cranial sacral therapist and over the years they were able to reverse his health issues. He is now almost 11 years old and even still under Dr. Jessica’s care, when needed. He is healthy and active and we are forever thankful to Dr. Jessica and her amazing guidance. She has this gift of medical intuition that has gotten us out of so many troubling health situations. My 7 year old son has been a patient with Dr. Jess since birth. His health journey started out a lot different than my older son’s. She has taught me another way to care for my family that does not involve constant trips to the doctors office and rounds of antibiotics. Our lifestyle consists of chiropractic care, clean eating, using homeopathy and essential oils, taking Juice Plus regularly and occasional check ins with Dr. Jessica. I am so excited to see her bring all her knowledge and expertise to these social media platforms. This is a true gift to us all and I cannot wait to continue to learn from her!!
April M.


I’ve known Dr. Jess at least 7 years, but I can’t remember exactly when.  A mutual friend gave me her number, raving about her medical intuitive ability.  At the time, I was interested in getting her input on my own health and wellness.  Since then, she’s been my main contact for improving my family’s health.

I have been on a health improvement journey for the last 12 years.  In that time, I’ve been shedding emotional layers of trauma and patterns that no longer serve me.  I’ve been improving my nutrition and increasing my awareness about my overall health.  I’ve also been expanding my awareness and acknowledging all aspects of my being (emotional, spiritual, physical, mental).  As I began to see the drastic improvements with my own health, I began asking her to help me understand and work with my children.  As a mom, I’ve sought out to improve their emotional and physical beings.  With Dr. Jess’ help, I’ve supplemented their nutrition, released energy and negative patterns through her energetic readings, and have helped build their whole systems of being.  My son’s mental well being was comprised by some negative childhood experiences.  His physical health was compromised with a concussion and inadequate nutrition due to being a very picky eater.  With ongoing attention from Dr. Jess, he’s a mentally stable, balanced, and healthy 15 year old.  My daughter has a sensitive system, easily overwhelmed by her sensory environment and energies around her.  Dr. Jess has known her since I was pregnant.  She has helped me to navigate the world for and with her, while building her resilience, nutrition, and her confidence.  My daughter is thriving due to the nutritional and energetic supports that Dr. Jess has led us to.

 Overall, our physical nutrition (through Juice Plus and liquid supplements) has been the most obvious area of growth.  We are healthier, stronger, and more capable to deal with other aspects of our daily lives.  Dr. Jess’ knowledge, personal candor, laid back honesty, and flexibility has given us multiple opportunities to make choices on our own time that have made a world of difference.  I personally love to learn about my being in relation to the world and universe.  As I’ve gotten to know her and her medical gifts, I’ve increased my capacity to understand my role in the universe.

My experience has been positive, life changing, and insightful.  It isn’t easy hearing about changes you need to make, or patterns that need to be changed.  Throughout all of our process, however, Dr. Jess has presented the information to us in an honest, non-judgmental, open way.  We’ve been able to decide when to act on the information and recommendations she’d had for us.  It takes a level of vulnerability to objectively look at the less pleasurable pieces of our health and wellness.  I’m so glad that I’ve trusted her, been honest with her, and have allowed her to provide feedback and ideas for my family.  We are more solidly grounded and prosperous because of our journey with Dr. Jess.

Stacy T.

Osteopenia, Low Energy

I began working with Dr. Jessica 10 years ago. I came in seeking nutritional help as an alternative to taking medication for my very low calcium and fatigue. Working with Dr. Jessica and taking Juice Plus+ and various other supplements recommended by her, I can report that I am energetic and my calcium has been corrected with no medication! My Experience on a scale of 1-10 has been a 10+!

Patti B.


Juice Plus has been one of the only things that helps increase my failure-to-thrive, Autistic, 5 year old’s, appetite. It also helps keep him grounded. He has a lot of energy, and the juice plus seems to reset his body, so he has focused energy, instead of nervous, scattered, irritable, energy. Since my son doesn’t eat enough, I feel like his body has been screaming that it needs something BIG, and Juice Plus seems to be just what he needs!

Getting the Juice Plus into my son’s stomach has been a huge challenge, but it is worth it! I was having to dissolve the gummies in water, and sugar, and put them in a syringe for a long time. I tried the powder from the inside one of my Juice Plus pills, but he didn’t like the flavor. I worked with his OT on eating the gummies, and finally, he will, with a lot of bribery, eat the gummies!!

There are some days, when I am unable to get Juice Plus into his body, and I definitely notice his appetite, and energy is very different within 24 hours.  My mom has even started saying, “He didn’t take his juice plus, did he?” He is just a noticeably different child, when he doesn’t take it. I take Juice Plus, and love it,  but my biggest testimonial by far, is the huge difference it makes for my son’s appetite, and level of groundedness, more so than any pharmaceutical medication we have tried so far.”

Shannon Z.

 Insomnia, Poor Health

 I had a unique experience getting to know Dr. Jessica, as I was her nanny first. I wasn’t necessarily seeking any assistance, but eventually realized she had the answers I didn’t know I needed. She had asked me if I would be interested in getting an adjustment and after I saw her work implemented in her family’s lives, I told her, “absolutely!” Dr. Jess worked with me and I could immediately feel the difference in my body and mind. I couldn’t believe, I noticed a positive change in my life after only a few times of working with her.

 I have struggled with low energy, restless sleep and poor health since I was young. I was getting sick all the time and failed to get legitimate answers from doctors.  As a teenager, I found out that I was gluten and dairy intolerant. This made eating very difficult at times and I know I didn’t always get the nutrition I needed. I would often get random aches and tightness in my muscles. I was getting tension headaches and kinks in my neck that seemed to never go away. My eating habits affected how I felt daily and it was easy to knock my system off balance and become sick. I sought out my own research through college and found that the best thing for me would be a whole food, plant-based diet. However, I knew how difficult that was, in today’s society. Dr. Jess introduced Juice Plus+, I realized it was exactly what I had been looking for. I consulted with Dr. Jess, to see what was going on, she helped me realize that I had been living in the past and not able to move on. After working with Dr. Jess, I could feel the shift in my energy. I started to see the difference in my mood and felt the ease of my aches and pains. My relationships began to improve and I started to see things manifesting in my life after implementing the techniques she had taught me.


Kimi E.

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