What Are EMFs and Why Should You Be Concerned?


There’s a good chance you and your family are bathing in some level of electrical radiation right now.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, at work or at play. It’s everywhere.

In many cases the frequency levels are safe for humans. Being in the same room with an electric radio/alarm clock and your TV might not be cause for worry.

A problem arises when you have so many electrical and wireless devices surrounding you. Even though each one of those devices may be giving off a safe level of electromagnetic radiation, the cumulative exposure can be dangerous.

This constant exposure can explain those frustrating health issues you just can’t beat. Insomnia, skin and hair conditions, headaches, brain fog, anxiety, weight gain and heart-related problems can be the result of this electromagnetic radiation.

I know what you’re probably thinking now.

You are looking around you and all you see are things powered by electricity or receiving wireless signals. Are they all dangerous? Can they be the answer behind so many chronic health problems you and your doctor can’t seem to fix for your family?

They very well could be.

The good news is that not everyone has noticeable symptoms caused by electromagnetic fields (EMFs, also called electromagnetic frequencies). It doesn’t seem to affect some people like it does others.

On the flipside of the coin, it can cause serious and seemingly overnight health problems in people that are highly sensitive to EMFs. Even if you don’t show symptoms, your personal, natural electromagnetic field is being negatively impacted.


How Your Wireless Toys and Favorite Consumer Electronics Are Wrecking Your Health

You see, there are natural and unnatural electromagnetic fields. All living things give off natural energy. This energy vibrates at a very low frequency. The radiofrequency radiation or energy from man-made, unnatural EMFs is at a much higher frequency range.

So when your magnetic field is exposed to this powerful, unnatural radio frequency (RF) energies, health problems can develop. EMFs throw off the way your body works. People that are more sensitive to EMFs complain of the following symptoms.


Signs That EMFs Are Hurting Your Health

  • Brain fog, problems with memory, cognitive issues
  • Chronic headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Insomnia and other sleep problems
  • Tinnitus or a ringing in the ears that is constant
  • Lack of energy, Lafarge he, always feeling tired
  • Burning, tingling or numbness, usually in the extremities
  • Heart palpitations, a racing heart
  • Vision problems
  • Their face feels swollen
  • Chest pains
  • Unexplained weight loss or last mop a tight
  • Unhealthy skin and hair conditions
  • Sinus problems
  • Muscle spasms and contractions
  • Allergies or food sensitivities
  • Digestive issues from A-Z
  • They feel like they are always sick
  • Depression, anxiety and a lack of motivation
  • Hearing problems
  • Nosebleeds
  • Dehydration, even after drinking lots of water
  • Motor skill problems
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Weight gain

These are just a few of the classic symptoms caused by EMFs. They can be caused by any wireless device and even the Smart Meter your electric company has installed on your home. The same is true for the wiring in your home, electrical outlets, your TV and even baby monitors

By the way, EMFs can lead to more serious health problems than those just covered. Expose yourself to enough electromagnetic frequency radiation and the following serious health conditions can develop.

  • High blood pressure
  • Vision problems
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases
  • Autism
  • Diabetes
  • Tinnitus
  • Brain tumors
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Leukemia
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • Infertility and reproductive problems

The damaging effect of EMFs on human health are well-known.

The problem is that they are everywhere, and most people have no idea how dangerous they are … or that they’re even there.

The harmful effects of EMFs are chronicled in more than 10,000 scientific studies and bodies of research. Before we dig deeper into what EMFs are and how they could be wrecking your family’s health, let me share my personal story with you.

Here’s why I want to share with you how dangerous EMFs are to the health of you and your family.


My Frightening (but Enlightening) EMF Discovery Story

As a Doctor, I was trained that a person’s internal environment affects their external health. So I treated internal problems in my patients. I taught smart nutrition habits, healing the gut, flushing toxins and more. These steps can help heal a person … but there’s a problem.

That healing doesn’t last if external sources causing internal health problems are not removed.

My patients and clients would get better for a short period of time, then their symptoms would return. They noticed (and I did as well) that the summer months were a time of little to no sickness. Then when they moved back indoors during the winter months, they would have more health problems.

The same thing happened to me. And to my daughters.

So I took action. As a mother of two wonderful girls, I wanted them to be as healthy as possible. I turned to my conventional training as a doctor and our family is dairy-free, gluten-free and we have a chemical-free home. I removed highly processed foods from our diet and only ate “clean foods” that were free of hormones.

We didn’t eat or drink anything with dairy and artificial flavoring and dyes. I did everything I was trained to do as a doctor of natural medicine to get my family healthy … and still my girls and I would experience health problems that would come and go.

It was so frustrating! As a mom who is also a doctor I wanted nothing more than for my children to be healthy … and I was failing.

I began to do my own research and found that there are plenty of invisible, airborne toxins that cause internal health issues. This made sense to me. When the weather was nice and I stayed outside most of the time, I was happy and healthy.

When I spent most of my time indoors, that’s when my emotional, mental and physical health was not as good. It was the same thing with my girls.

I kept studying and found that a hidden byproduct of electricity can cause dozens of minor and very serious health problems. Sometimes health can be wrecked literally overnight.

This invisible and toxic poison comes from anything that uses or delivers non-native electromagnetic frequencies, like all wireless devices. When I began to remove these toxins from our environment, we had more energy. We had stamina and strength and our minds were sharper.

We slept better. Skin and hair issues disappeared. My girls were healthy. I was healthy. We’ve stayed healthy.

Life improved, because I changed our external environment and lowered our exposure to electrical frequencies. We began to become healthier in every way, and those health gains didn’t come and go.

The problem for most moms, dads and families is they don’t know there’s a problem. They do what their doctor tells them to do, but they continue to fight illness and disease of the mind and body.

Because of this, and my personal experience, I decided to make it my mission to educate as many people as I can about the dangers of EMFs.

By the way, here are a few of the problems I personally experienced that I totally removed once I knew how to limit EMF exposure.

Do these sound familiar?

  • I had constant anxiety, and I didn’t know why. I had a wonderful family and two beautiful, smart amazing daughters. I was so blessed in so many ways … but I was still constantly anxious and stressed out.
  • My sleep patterns were erratic. I couldn’t fall asleep. If I did get to sleep, I might toss and turn or wake up in the middle of the night. Low-quality sleep is linked to so many mental and physical health problems.
  • My emotions were imbalanced. I would experience emotional ups and downs that didn’t make any sense. I knew this was because of hormone imbalances, but why were my hormones out of whack?

These are classic symptoms of overexposure to EMFs, dirty electricity, 5G wireless technology, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.


Is EMF Radiation Exposure Really That Widespread?

The Scientific Proof of Health-Robbing EMFs

Hey, I get it.

This can be hard to take in.

You have been benefiting from electrically powered devices your whole life. You might think that since you feel good most of the time, I am probably overstating the issue.

I wish that were the case.

The truth is that wireless energy, electrical radiation and other invisible forms of EMFs are a real risk to your family’s health.

How big is the problem? How widespread is this health epidemic? Consider this.

Neuroscientist Olle Johansson works at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. His research reveals that ” … our bodies are subjected to one quintillion times (that’s a 1 with 18 zeros behind it) more electromagnetic radiation today than we were a decade ago.”

This is the man-made, harmful radiation we were talking about earlier. This nonionizing radiation is emitted by Wi-Fi signals, smart meters, cell phones, cell phone towers, wireless devices and just about anything powered by electricity.

(When I discovered the super high levels of dangerous EMFs given off by baby monitors, I was shocked to say the least. These convenient devices we use to keep an eye on our little ones are bathing our babies in constant doses of electromagnetic radiation.)

Johansson’s research is far from the only work in the field of EMFs.

To date, there are nearly 6,000 peer-reviewed research papers on EMFs “… showing strong correlation between electromagnetic radiation and a host of diseases and disorders including cancer, cardiovascular abnormalities, neurological disorders, digestive problems, dermatitis, reproductive failure, certain types of diabetes, as well as behavioral and learning disabilities and many others.”

Read that again and think about some of the health problems in your family. That information comes to us from Lloyd Burrell, one of the leading EMF researchers in the world.

If that isn’t enough proof from qualified experts that EMFs are a very real health problem, try this on for size.


13-Country Interphone Study Links Cancer to Cell Phone Use

The US National Toxicology Program and WHO Agree

The US Department of Health and Human Services conducted a study into cell phones as possible causes of cancer. Their National Toxicology Program announced there is “clear evidence” that cell phones cause cancer.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has even classified radiofrequency radiation as a possible carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). This was in 2011. How much do you think our exposure to wireless radio frequencies has increased since then?

The Interphone study involved cell phone usage and cancer data from 13 countries. As reported by the American Cancer Society, the massive study showed “… a possible increased risk of glioma, and a smaller suggestion of an increased risk of meningioma …” due to high usage of cell phones.

For any of you that need scientific proof before you believe some type of health claim, I hope this helps.

I truly mean that. I know personally how devastating EMFs, dirty electricity, wireless signals and 5G wireless technology can be when these invisible toxins cause a serious health problem in the family.

I want you to avoid what happened to our family and what is happening every day to so many people around the world.

Sorry, I’ve been rambling.

This is a topic I’m so passionate about. Most people simply don’t want to believe that their families are being subjected to a constant delivery of invisible poison that can hurt their mental and physical health in so many different ways. Sadly, that is the truth of the reality.

Let’s backtrack a little and go through the basics.


So, Exactly What Is an EMF?

I mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating. EMF stands for electromagnetic frequency or electromagnetic field. These are invisible radio waves which are moving through your environment constantly.

They are present in your home and office. Your favorite stores and your child’s school is full of them.

They are produced by sources of both natural and man-made electricity. Natural EMFs are not a health concern. The man-made EMFs are what you need to limit your exposure to.

The following are the 4 different types of man-made or artificial EMFs that are to blame for so many health problems.

  1. Magnetic Fields

You can find magnetic fields everywhere. The earth has a natural magnetic field and so do you. As a matter of fact, human brain waves are similar in their frequency range to the pulses given off by the earth’s magnetic field. (I think that’s so cool.)

These magnetic frequencies are not a problem.

It is those man-made magnetic fields and frequencies that are a source of health problems. These include powerlines and appliances, laptops and computers, electrical wiring and cell phones, baby monitors and other electrically powered devices.

  1. Electric Fields

Not all electric fields are problematic. Only those fields or frequencies which can throw off your natural electromagnetic field are causes of concern. Unfortunately, most of the electrical fields surrounding electrical wiring, power cords and power lines are sources of harmful EMFs.

  1. Radio Frequencies

Radio frequencies (RFs) are transmitted wirelessly. They can give off nonionizing radiation and high-level electromagnetic frequencies. This combination of magnetic and electric fields is transmitted as radio waves and is given off by microwave ovens and cell phones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled electrical devices and other wireless consumer electronics.

  1. Dirty Electricity

You might be saying dirty what…?

It sounds negative, and it really is. This is electrical interference caused by spikes or surges of electricity. When electricity is produced in a surge that is stronger than the power lines it is flowing through, those higher levels of electricity can actually escape the power lines. This excess energy can permeate walls and enter your home. It is very damaging to the natural electromagnetic fields of humans.



The Fight Between Wireless EMF Energy and Your Natural Body Energy

All living things are bundles of energy. You give off energy and your energy field can be influenced by other energy frequencies.

Have you ever been around someone and you thought that person was giving off some really negative vibes? Vibes is a short form of the word vibrations. All energy vibrates at some frequency. When you are around someone who makes you feel uneasy and you don’t know why, it’s because your energy and that person’s energy are not in sync.

Since your brain responds to fields of energy, your survival instinct tells you that something is not right. You notice immediately that your frequencies aren’t aligned, even if you don’t know this is what is happening.


This is the same way man-made EMFs can negatively affect your health.

Your brain responds to these abnormally high frequency levels, and not in a good way. They change how your brain and nervous system “talk” to the rest of your body. This is why constant exposure to EMFs can change how so many of your body systems work.

Since our exposure to electromagnetic radiation is higher now than it has ever been in human history, the odds that they are causing some health problem for you or your family are also very high.


Bad News for Moms and Dads

EMFs Are Even More Worrisome for Your Children

Did you know children are far more susceptible to the negative effects of RF radiation than you are? Their bodies have not fully developed yet. Their skulls are not as thick and protective as they will be when they are adults.

Research conducted way back in the middle 1990s paints a very clear picture of how devastating EMFs can be to young children.

Professor Om Gandhi was working for the Department of Defense and also for Motorola. You may recognize Motorola as the name of the company that produces wireless consumer electronics devices like cell phones. After he demonstrated how damaging EMFs can be to young children, he lost his funding for his research.

This is because he showed a child at age 5 can absorb nearly two times more RF radiation from a cell phone than a child of 10 years. That child at 10 absorbs up to 2 or 3 times as much radiation as an adult.

We are talking about research from nearly 20 years ago. Do you think cell phone use among kids has increased since then? Of course it has. It has skyrocketed.

These claims are not in question anymore. It is because of the child’s immature finger bones, skulls, tissues and bone marrow that they absorb so much more EMF radiation than an adult.

The problem for kids continues to get even worse.

Nowadays children are given their very own cell phones at a very young age. Some kids have their own tablets before they are even in the first grade. Their parents don’t understand they are risking so much concerning their children’s health.

I didn’t at first either. That’s why I want so much to get the word out about the dangers of EMF exposure.


The American Academy of Pediatrics Warns About EMF Risks for Children

This is huge. As a parent, I am so ecstatic when a respected pediatric health authority expresses concern over radiation being given off by wireless devices. That is exactly what the American Academy of Pediatrics has done.

They agree with other health professionals that wireless radiation may affect the unborn children of pregnant women. Many globally recognized health authorities believe that children, teenagers, adults and seniors can all suffer from exposure to EMFs.

The fact that electrical fields disturb your body’s natural ability to communicate with itself through its electrical structure has been known for decades.

EMFs, dirty electricity, 5G wireless technology and other sources of electrical or electromagnetic radiation cause chaos in your nervous system. They can change the way your neurons fire and communicate with the rest of your body. This creates any number of internal health issues which produce internal and external symptoms.


What to Do Next to Protect Your Family from EMFs

To say that I am passionate about this issue is an understatement. I became a doctor to help people heal. It took a very scary situation with my youngest daughter to make me realize that exposure to electromagnetic fields and frequencies can’t be ignored.

I don’t want you to go through what our family did.

Now for the good news.

There are simple ways to get your health back … in some cases instantly. Cut off the flow of invisible, electric poison and you drop your exposure. How do you do that? What can you do right now to instantly give you and your family better health, more energy, a stronger mind and overall wellness?

I created an EMF & Dirty Electricity Guide. It further explores every health concern relating to EMFs, dirty electricity and 5G wireless frequencies. I show you exactly what you can do to dramatically reduce your family’s exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation.


The first step to limiting EMFs is to unplug electrical and wireless devices when not using them.

The next step is to CLICK HERE so I can send you this guide immediately. To say that it could have a positive life-changing and even life-saving effect on your family is not an overstatement on my part.

In this special report I also recommend proven resources and products that stop EMF and dirty electricity overexposure.

Thank you for taking some time to learn more about EMF radiation and how it might be affecting your family. When I see my girls thriving and naturally healthy in mind, body and spirit, I want to give that gift to you and your family.

Thanks for your time, don’t forget to grab your free EMF & Dirty Electricity Guide here.

I’m Wishing You Well!

Dr. Jessica

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